Lamb, Sheep & Goat

Most of the animals we raise on the farm are for slaughter but, some like our sheep and lamb are used for their fiber as well.  Like all the animals on our farm the lamb, sheep, and goats are no exception.  They are raised naturally and humanely.  Our sheep breeds are mostly mixes as well as some purebreds.  Some of them include Dorset, Cormo, Icelandic, Border Leicester, Teeswater, Tunis and mixes of the aforementioned breeds.  These breeds are multipurpose and can be used for fiber, meat, and milk.  


4.00 per pound


14.00 per pound


5.00 per pound


14.00 per pound


12.00 per pound

Lamb Neck

7.50 per pound

Lamb Riblets

7.50 per pound

Ground Lamb

10.00 per pound

Lamb Shanks

10.50 per pound

Shoulder Chops

12.00 per pound

Lamb Sausage

13.00 per pound

Shoulder Roast

12.00 per pound

Stew Meat

13.00 per pound

Leg of Lamb

13.00 per pound

Rib Chops

23.00 per pound

Rack of Lamb

21.75 per pound

Loin Chops

23.00 per pound

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Whole lamb pricing is available, $8.75/pound hanging weight. We will pay processing charges.

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