Fall/Winter CSA Box Now Available

50 Pound Boxes: 

$300 Pick Up. Pick Up will be at the farm, 11932 Rapids Road, Akron, NY. A week prior to pickup we will send an email with details.

Chicken, mixed beef and pork cuts - steaks, ground, chops, roast, ham steaks, bacon and more. Samples of different cuts. Box will also will include 2 dozen chicken eggs.

*Boxes must be prepaid.

Information on Custom Cow Butchering:

1/4 Cow - $3/pound plus $.70/pound butchering fees, roughly 190 pounds hanging weight


1/2 Cow - $2.85/pound plus $.70/pound butchering fees, roughly 400 pounds hanging weight


Full Cow - $2.75/pound plus $.70/pound butchering fees, roughly 750-800 pounds hanging weight


*$100 deposit required to reserve cow. Deposit is non-refundable.

*Butchering will be complete mid-August. We will contact you once the cow is ready to be butchered with further information on pick up. Once cow is at the butcher, it will hang in cooler for 14 days.

*Cow is cut and wrapped to customer’s specifications.

*Cows are fed a mix of feed consisting of spent brewers grain, hay, pasture, vegetables and bread.

*Customer will pick up beef directly from the butcher once completed. Payment due to butcher upon pickup.

Information on Custom Pig Butchering:


Whole Pig - $2.65/ pound

Hanging Weight 225-250

Half Pig - $3.00/pound

Butchering $.85 - $1.75

Depending on Smoking/Sausage

*$100 deposit required to reserve pig. Deposit is non-refundable.

*Customer will pick up pork directly from the butcher once completed.

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