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Times are crazy right now with the cost of everything going bonkers. For a $100 in store purchase become a farm share member and get access to these great prices on products we have at the farm. Once you are a member there is nothing more to do than enjoy the member pricing. We are limiting the number of members at this time to make sure we can supply everyone in the share. As demand grows so can we. Refer someone and receive a $15 credit on your farm share card. We will be adding items as this year goes on. Chicken and turkey will be in freezers shortly and sometime this year we will be adding raw milk and other dairy products. Fruits and veggies when in season. Once again you will have to have a share card to enjoy all our products. Not all products will fall under the farm share, only ones we produce.


We also have created a farm share member only page on Facebook which it is invite only. If you are a member now and do not have access please let us know via email - or on Facebook.


Member Pricing on Products:


EGGS -  $3.00 per dozen                                                                                                                                                                                        


Tenderloin - $19.00lb        

Prime steaks. Tbone, Rib-eye, Strip, Porterhouse, Sirloin, Prime Rib -  $11.50lb       Secondary Steaks. Flank, Skirt, Denver, Flat Iron - $8.00lb                                            Brisket - $7.25lb                                                                        

Roasts, Stew, Kabob - $6.25lb                                                                        

Ground Beef, Short Ribs - $4.75lb                                                                        

Soup Bones -  $2.25lb                                                                        

Organs - $2.00lb                                                                        



Bacon - $8.00lb                                                                       

Belly, Ham, Sausage - $7.50lb                                                                       

Chops, Roasts, Ribs - $5.00lb                                                                       

Bones, Organs - $2.00lb                                                                        

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