About Kindred Kreek

Kindred Kreek is located in the town of Newstead on 50 secluded acres just off route 93 on Rapids Road.   The farm was established in late 2005 as Kindred Kreek Alpacas, but we have since changed to a more all-around farm to meet the needs of our customers. The property goes back to the late 1830’s and has been farmed since it's inception.  My family has currently owned it since 1975 with three generations going strong.  We still raise alpacas today, but since have added pigs, cows, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, quail, pheasant, rabbits, horses and turkeys.  We provide farm raised meats, are located at four farmers markets and have a farm store on property to fulfill your needs.

Farming is not a simple task and many hours are needed and spent daily to do what is needed to maintain a clean, happy living environment for our animals.  The health and the quality of life of our animals are very important to us. We do not use growth hormones or any antibiotics in our herds.  Natural raised animals, the way God intended it to be, is the way we do it.  Although we send animals to slaughter we feel well treated animals are essential to good quality meat and healthy quality breeding stock.  Our farm believes in raising animals on pasture, with grains and hay. To control our feeds, we make all our own hay and grind our own feeds. In addition to this we have hooked up with several breweries and we feed out the spent by products of making beer to our animals.  The spent grains make a high protein feed that the animals love.  There is much debate over organic, GMO free, pasture and naturally raised animals. Everyone has their own opinions on this. 


All I can say to you the consumer is know your farmer.  We raise our animals the healthiest way we can still putting out quality meats.  And yes, we do use medicines on our animals.  If an animal is sick, I am going to treat it, the same thing you would do for your child. I think there is a big misconception that farmers are running around giving animals shots 24-7. Like I said before, know your farmer and his farm. People are welcome to see our place at any time to see how we raise our animals.

One might ask how we accomplish this all.  Well I can tell you it is from a lot of help from family and friends.  We know they will put in the same care that we do respect our animals.  Stop on by and check us out.